Title: The Trouble With Destiny (Part 1/?)
Title: The Trouble With Destiny
Summary: By accident, the boys bump into a rather vicious spirit that makes Dean its target. Sam has no idea how to get rid of it, since it defies all logic on what they know about spirits. But when things get too rough, they need to make a decision on how to deal with the problem… long term.
Rating: R, there is cussing also.
Characters: Sam, Dean, Gen, might get a little brotherly touchy…
Genre: AU, Hurt/Comfort, Angst Hurt!Dean, Sick!Dean, Protective!Sam
Author’s Notes: Spoilers up to S7, it goes AU after 7x07, mostly Sam’s POV. This is my first fiction ever, and I’m so darned nervous, it’s not even funny. I thank many, many fanfic writers out there who inspired me to try it on my own… This is not beta’ed, so all mistakes are my own, please don’t hesitate to let me know of them.
He had learned a long time ago that if things could go bad, it would go bad, and then some.
He understood that their lives were survived for one reason, and it didn’t take a genius to figure it out… the only reason they seem to live, it was to get fucked over, again, again and again.
Their curse started way before they were even born. Where they weren’t suppose to be born, but for a deal made by their mother. Having her pay the price for the deal, was just the beginning of their bizarre lives.
It didn’t end with their mother burning and bleeding on the ceiling of the nursery. It didn’t end on the road with their father, hunting evil things. Not with Jesse burning the same way as their mother. Not even when his brother lay dying of a bad heart.
Things didn’t end on his own time of dying, when his beloved brother gave his soul for him, without even hesitating.
It didn’t end with a bullet through Azazel. It didn’t end when Dean went to hell, or when he was saved from it by an angel.
It didn’t end when he trusted a demon, or when he walked into a trap to free Lucifer. It didn’t end on their road to stop the apocalypse, or when he sacrificed his life to get the Devil and Michael into the cage.
It didn’t stop when he was brought back… it didn’t stop when an angel let loose something so much worse.
And so, why the hell did he even think it would end now?
Sam was getting better and better at ignoring the craziness in his head. He dealt with it as best as he could, and even surprised himself at how well he found himself coping little by little, day by day. Of course, he could only be thankful for it, because he knew, that the only reason he seemed to be functioning was because of his brother. Of Dean, who never left him to deal with this by himself, who was a rock who anchored him to the real world, who never knew when to give up on him.
Seeing all this, feeling it within his soul, he regretted not giving Dean the same treatment after he came back from his own trip to hell. Sam was too busy with Ruby and revenge to have been the anchor that Dean needed back then, but Dean learned how to deal with it alone… and that thought felt like a dagger to his heart. He was grateful to Castiel on that account, because even looking at the betrayal, Sam wasn’t too blind with rage that he couldn’t see that Castiel had been a pillar of support to Dean, that the angel had taken his place for a while, the place that was rightfully Sam’s, but one which he had decided to put aside for his own beliefs that he was doing the right thing.
But all that was in the past. Things that have happened, things they have gone through, it only worked to solidify their bond even more. He had always known that Dean was unable to live without him, he himself had confirmed it many times before, but Sam had come to the realization that he could not, in any way, live without Dean either.
Things had been too simple lately, and though a bit wary, Sam thought they should take advantage of it. The Leviathan were out there still, planning god knew what, but the brothers were given a bit of a break. It was strange to be hunting simple things again, where demons and angels seemed a thing of the past.
They were still a bit apprehensive around each other, since Amy was still a bit of a touchy subject, but things were getting better fast. He realized that perhaps he shouldn’t be too hard on Dean for the lying, because Sam had lied to Dean many times as well, but he really believed that they were beyond that, beyond the lies and secrets and hiding. Though Sam understood why Dean did what he had to do, and he forgave his brother for doing so, Sam still felt a bit hurt.
He knew Dean to be feeling a bit off about it too, since the music wasn’t blasting at high volume.
They decided not to stay in a place for more than a day if they stopped for the night. They did all the searches from the car or the motel they would be staying in at the time. Their faces were still painted on the television from time to time, but thankfully, no one ever recognized them for who they really were. Of course, they had taken to wearing beanies, which Dean had complained about… a lot, and they wore sunglasses when they could get away with it.
“Um, sir?” the voice managed to take him away from his wandering thoughts, and he blinked and looked at the cashier, who smiled when their gaze met. “That’ll be $58.50. Will that be cash or credit?”
The girl, no older than 18, had already placed his items in a few bags.
“Cash, please,” he answered automatically, hoping he didn’t forget anything. Their first aid kit needed replacements, and it wouldn’t do to miss something that would be necessary in a moment’s time.
He reached into his pockets and took out $60.00, already calculating how much he had left on him. While he passed the bills to the cashier, he chanced a look outside the pharmacy to where Dean waited inside their ride, parked nicely in front. Sam could see him through the opened windows, leaning against the seat, his head thrown back, and most likely getting a few minutes of shut eyes.
Which is what they both needed right now. They had been driving around for hours, and were both tired and hungry.
“Here goes your change, sir. Please come again.”
He nodded as he took his bags and walked out of the store, quickly walking up to the car and opening the passenger side door, settling in and reaching behind with the bags to put them on the back seat. Dean straightened up and turned on the engine.
“Got everything?” he asked.
“Yes, I got everything, what now? Are we stopping soon?”
“God, yes. I’m fucking starving, and you seem to need your beauty sleep.”
“I do, eh? Should I remind you who has been praying for a nap?”
Dean gave him the killer glare, which at the moment, wasn’t too intimidating.
“Shut up.”
The motel was a decent one, and they were able to get a room on the bottom floor. And for a cheap motel, it was very comfortable. They had stopped on a fast food drive-through on the way, and they both hurried to the small table in the corner of the room.
Dean was the first to take a bite out of his burger, and Sam watched in amusement as Dean’s eyes rolled on his head from the pleasure, shaking his head, he opened his chicken sandwich.
After feeling immensely satisfied, and feeling the pull of sleep, Sam decided to shower in the morning and hit the bed, like now. He noticed that Dean was pretty close to doing the same thing.
“Oh god, that was good. All that was missing was a good cold beer,” he looked at Sam accusingly. “Why didn’t we stop for beer, dude?”
“Hey, don’t look at me, man. You were the one driving.”
“You always have something to say, eh? Why do you always have something to say?”
Sam snorted, he could do two things at the moment, he could humor Dean, or he could ignore him.
“What do you want to hear, Dean?” he decided on humoring his brother.
“Say, ‘you’re right, big brother, I’m sorry I didn’t stop to buy you some beer’.”
“Go to sleep, Dean,” he told him, allowing the smile he was feeling to show. As he stood from the chair, Dean took hold of his wrist, and when Sam looked back at him, he saw a fondness so deep, that he felt his throat tightened at the sight of it.
“I, ah… I’m glad you’re here, Sammy,” He whispered. “And I know I may not show it, or act on it, but it means the world to me.”
Sam felt his smile widened. “I know.”
Dean let him go, and Sam ruffled his spiky head.
“Hey! Careful with the hair, man, you could definitely lose a hand doing that… or better yet, your hair.”
That night, he lay on the bed, his eyes dropping with sleep, and as images began forming on his mind, he intently listened to Dean’s soft snoring, using that as a way to chase away those thoughts.


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